Static Ground Monitoring Systems

In tests, many standard grounding clamps in use today show very high resistance readings when clamped onto conductive objects with insulating surfaces. This may result in the clamp being physically attached in the eyes of the operator, but not actually performing its intended function (i.e. dissipating static electricity efficiently).

The ungrounded object can store up the static charge potential and, with the right amount of flammable vapour and presence of a spark, an ignition will occur. This condition will exist without the slightest indication to alert an operator.

This is one of the best reasons for using a continuously monitored grounding system, such as our StaticSure or G2 Series, to provide clear indication that a ground connection has been made and static electricity is being dissipated. 

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StaticSure Portable Static Monitoring System

The StaticSure product is an intrinsically safe portable device designed to help you comply with safety regulations and maintain a safe working environment.  When used with proper bonding and grounding clamps and cables, StaticSure helps to ensure that a static bond has been achieved prior to handling flammable materials.

The StaticSure system uses an intrinsically safe set of electronics to monitor the entire connection from clamp to ground point, and will warn the operator if for any reason the connection is not good enough to drain static electricity.  StaticSure flashes a very bright red LED light that warns the operator and keeps flashing until the problem is resolved and static electricity can once again drain off the equipment.

StaticSure is cULus approved for Class I, Division 1, Groups ABCD and Class II, Division 1, Groups FG hazardous locations.  The device itself is a small form factor unit that can be used portably or mounted to a wall or vehicle.  The modular design uses standard industrial static grounding clamps that can be quickly disconnected and reconnected in whatever configuration is necessary for the work at hand.

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G2 Series Ground Monitor System

G2 Series Ground Monitoring Systems 

The G2 Series provides a positive ground indication through the use of an intrinsically safe monitoring circuit driving a switching relay. Upon connection of the self-releasing clamp and cable to a conducting material, the intrinsically safe circuit is completed and the operator will be shown a green light to indicate that a ground connection has been established. 

While most competing systems only monitor the path from the ground unit to the clamp, the G2 series also employs a segregated cable connection to actual ground, which is also monitored for low resistance.  An interruption in either path (indicated by any resistance above 5 ohms) will shut down the system.

The system can also be interlocked with filling equipment to ensure that no flammable product can be transferred until the ground is established.  If the circuit is broken by release of the grounding clamp or other ground interruption, the control relay will open and a red light will be displayed.  Any filling equipment that is controlled by the system will also be halted until the ground is re-established.

The G2 Series systems will do the following: shut down a pump or valve; sound an alarm; show a red light when conditions are unsafe; show a green light when conditions are safe; open contacts on a computer; indicate that static path to ground has integrity and receive permissive signals from a computer control.

Standard options include a choice of aluminum or bronze clamp, straight or self-coiling cable, and a variety of cable storage and retracting reels.

  • 5 Ohm set resistance point
  • Unit measures 13" H x 11" W x 5" D
  • 110V power required, ¾" NPT connection. (220V available)
  • Moisture drain
  • Approvals:  cULus Class 1, Division 1, Group D.  Class 2, Division 1, Group E, F, G.
  • NSN # 4930-20-008-7994


Aluminum GATP-IP2 25' straight SOOW cord


Aluminum GATP-IP2 25' coiled SEOOW cord


Bronze G40-PMIP1 25' straight SOOW cord


Bronze G40-PMIP1 25' coiled SEOOW cord


NSN# 4930-20-008-7994

Deadman switch 100' 16/3 SOW cord on a heavy duty cable reel
G2 Series Deadman Static Ground Monitoring

G2 Deadman Monitoring Systems

The G2 Series Electronic Ground Indicating Systems can be used as a Deadman System with a deadman switch in place of the ground clamp.  When the operator depresses the switch, the intrinsically safe monitoring circuit drives a switching relay that can, for instance, switch on a pump and initiate product flow.  If the operator releases the switch at any time, the relay opens and product flow is immediately stopped. 

Approvals:  cULus Class 1, Division 1, Group D.  Class 2, Division 1, Group E, F, G.

Options include red and green indicating lights, coiled cables, and a variety of cable storage and retracting reels.







         25' straight SOOW cord



         50' straight SOOW cord



         25' straight SOOW cord



         50' straight SOOW cord



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