Battery Operated and Rechargeable Lights

Battery Powered and Rechargeable Lights

When you need light but do not have access to a power outlet, you can turn to one of our lines of battery powered hand lights.  With a variety of power source and lighting technology options, we have the right light for your job.

Lind's line of battery powered hand lamps provides you the portability you need and the durability you expect.

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Beacon Light Battery Powered LED Floodlight

No need to compromise on light output when you don't have power.  The LE965LEDC puts out the same useable light as a 300W quartz halogen light but with no need for cords or to plug it in.  You can light up an entire scene and area with this powerful rechargeable light.  Battery lasts for up to four hours on a single charge.

Learn more about the LE965LEDC 30W Battery Powered LED Floodlight on its dedicated web page.

Download the product information sheet.

PL-13 Rechargeable Fluorescent Work Light

PLR-13 Rechargeable Fluorescent Work Light 

This cordless rechargeable work light utilizes a long lasting fluorescent bulb which delivers excellent light in a highly portable package.  Product features include:

  • 13 Watt cool operating
  • 900 Lumen
  • Rechargeable 7.2V NiMH Battery Pack
  • 90 minute run time with full charge
  • Convenient rotating hanging hook
  • Stands upright on its base
  • Includes battery pack and 120V charging cradle
  • Also includes 12V auto adaptor cord

Replacement bulb: PLR-P2
Extra battery: PLR-P1


LED1425C Heavy-Duty Rechargeable LED Work Light LED1425C Heavy-Duty Rechargeable LED Work Light

Our heavy-duty Lumenex™ construction applied to a rechargeable work light.  Virtually indestructible polycarbonate housing and rubber ends makes this a light that can take some abuse.  Operates as a work light (8 LEDs on the side) and as a flashlight (1 LED on the end).  Battery will last up to five hours on a full charge, and will recharge in four hours.  Click here for more information.

ARRAY SIZE:  Eight 0.5W work light LEDs, One 1W flashlight LED
WEIGHT:  2.5 lbs

LED1425C        Work light with battery and 120V charger
LED1425C-P1  Extra battery for LED1425C

Watch a video of this light in action below.  See how durable it really is.

LED280C Rechargeable LED Worklight LED280C Industrial Rechargeable LED Work Light

This industrial quality rechargeable LED has it all.  Three 1-watt CREE LEDs give off extremely bright light that floods the task you are working on.  The light can operate in "hi" and "low" settings to conserve battery power.  The LEDs are extremely efficient, allowing the unit to be used for many hours without recharging.  The LED280C has two convenient hanging hooks and a powerful magnet mount for multiple ways of vertical or horizontal hanging.  Unit will also stand up on its flat base.  Click here for more information.

  • Comes with two battery packs to eliminate down-time
  • Charges via included 120V plug or 12V DC cigarette lighter plug
LED48C Rechargeable LED Work Light LED48C Rechargeable Contractor LED Work Lights 

Lind's line of cordless, rechargeable, LED work lights provide the portability of a cordless light combined with the durability, efficiency, and long life associated with the latest LED technology. 

Both models feature a dual stage switch that provides two levels of brightness and long running batteries, which stay lit for 3-4 hours on high brightness and 7-8 hours on low brightness.  The LED lamps last up to 100,000 hours.  Each model also includes a convenient hanging hook.







 48 LED

 7.2V NiMH

 13.5" x 2.5" x 1.5"

 2.7 lbs


LE945 Rechargeable Lantern

LED lantern

LE945 Charging Mounts

LE945 Rechargeable Lantern - *NEW* LED Array Option

These cordless rechargeable lanterns deliver long lasting performance in a durable package.  This light offers several unique features including:

  • Quality GE Sealed beam halogen bulb
  • Rechargeable 6V gel cell battery
  • Built in over-charge protection
  • Neoprene booted toggle switch
  • Includes adjustable stand
  • Optional magnet mount available and nylon shoulder strap available
Halogen bulb offers:
  • 4-5 hours of constant operation
  • 8-10 hours of intermittent operation
LED array offers:
  • Up to 50 hours of constant operation (depending on spot vs flood beam usage)
  • Ability to switch between flood and spot beams

The LE945 also offers three mountable charging bracket options for use in a variety of applications.

  • 120V AC plug-in charger for wall outlets
  • 12V DC plug-in charger for auto receptacles
  • 12V DC hardwire charger with inline fuse for permanent vehicle mounting






 120V AC Charger

 8W Spotlight


 120V AC Charger

 8W Flood

 LE945-1LED  120V AC Charger  LED array

 12V DC Plug-in Charger

 8W Spotlight


 12V DC Plug-in Charger

 8W Flood

 LE945-2LED  12V DC Plug-in Charger  LED array

 12V DC Hardwire Charger

 8W Spotlight


 12V DC Hardwire Charger

 8W Flood

 LE945-3LED  12V DC Hardwire Charger  LED array


We also have an emergency-on version.  Same outstanding features of the LE945 plus automatically turns on if there is a power failure.  P/N LE946





 120V AC Charger

 8W Spotlight


 120V AC Charger

 8W Flood

Replacement bulb: Spotlight - 7550    Flood - 7551



2150 Series Patrol Light

2150 Series Patrol Light 

This rugged emergency patrol and utility light offers excellent light output combined with a nearly indestructible neoprene construction.  This product features a sealed beam bulb that penetrates through glass, smoke, and fog.  It also offers a pistol grip with activation trigger for single handed operation, and a handle ring for hanging storage.  This model comes complete with a heavy duty 12 ft. 18/2 coil cord and a cigarette lighter plug.

PART NO.       



 50 Watt Halogen

Replacement bulb:   50W Halogen - 2150-95


QR-2002 Cordless 2,000,000 Candlepower Spotlight

QH-2002 Corded 2,000,000 Candlepower Spotlight
2,000,000 Candlepower Spotlights

  • Quartz halogen beam technology for maximized beam power and distance
  • Durable Black ABS Housing and Non-Skid Rubber Bezel
  • 12-volt, 2.8 amp battery/100-watt quartz halogen bulb

QR-2002   features an internal, memory-free rechargeable battery with 15-20 minutes constant operating time (30-40 minutes intermittent use) on a full charge.  Comes with 110-volt & 12-volt charging cords, and a 12-volt cord for continual powered operation.

QH-2002   comes with 10' coil cord cigarette lighter plug and operates from any standard 12V cigarette lighter receptacle.

Replacement bulb (for both versions): 01-0430-01



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