Lind's suite of temporary high bay lights

Temporary high bays are reliable, economical, and versatile lighting for a wide range of industrial and construction applications.  High bay lights eliminate much of the labour and potential hazards associated with wiring other types of temporary lighting.  Their durability ensures that they can be reused on many work sites.  Provides an ideal solution for lighting  construction sites.

LE-HB150LED 150W LED temporary high bay light

An integral part of the LED Jobsite, Lind's LE-HB150LED is a high-efficiency LED temporary high bay light for high ceiling applications.  When hung at 20 feet, the LE-HB150LED will illuminate over 3,000 sq ft of work space.  You can replace a 400W metal halide high bay light with this energy efficient unit that only uses 150W of power.  No bulbs to change, no dangerous heat, and an instant start and restart every time in all weather conditions.

A major advantage of the LE-HB150LED is that it comes daisy-chainable right out of the box. You can run eight LED high bays on a single 15A circuit, compared to only three traditional 400W metal halide high bays.  This generates a huge saving in installation time and money.

To learn more about the LE-HB150LED temporary LED high bay light, see its dedicated web page.

Temporary high bay LE-HB400PLS 400W Metal Halide Pulse Start Temporary High Bay Light 

For your temporary job site lighting needs in high bay locations, Lind Equipment's LE-HB400PLS is a cost-effective, durable solution that can save you time and money.  The LE-HB400PLS comes with a bulb, an easy mounting hook and is pre-wired with cord and plug for 120V service.  The quad-tap ballast can easily be wired on-site for 120V, 208V, 240V, or 277V.

Choosing pulse-start technology over traditional probe-start provides:

  • Reduced lighting and re-lighting time
  • Longer lamp life and lumen output over time
  • Increased energy efficiency (more lumens per watt)
  • Better ability to start in cold temperatures 

Click here for an information sheet.  Pour une fiche d'information en Francais, cliquez ici.

Bulb: MP400/BU/PS lamp (included).  Replacement bulb P/N LE-HB400PLS-P1
Light Output:  40,000 initial lumens
Overall length: 21.5"
Max. outer diameter: 5"
Cord type: 3' SJTW pre-wired on 120V tap
Unit weight: 17 lbs
Construction:  Power-coated steel enclosure and guard
Approvals: cULus, US EISA 2007 Requirements