Temporary stringlights are reliable, economical, and versatile lighting for a wide range of industrial applications.  Stringlights eliminate much of the labour and potential hazards associated with wiring other types of temporary lighting.  Their durability ensures that they can be reused on many work sites.  Provides an ideal solution for lighting sewers, tunnels, shipyards, aircraft, and construction sites.

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TLS-100LED and TLS-50LED Industrial LED Stringlights 

Maximize the efficiency and cost savings on your job site with Lind Equipment's LED stringlights.  With all the benefits of LED, such as low energy usage and no bulb changes, the Lind LED stringlights are built to withstand the toughest environments.  Each lamp is equipped with a high output LED lamp array which provides more useable light than a 100W incandescent bulb yet only consumes a fraction of the energy. 

Bulb: 6.6W high-output LED lamp array with standard Edison base (E-26)
Approval: cULus

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TLS-100LED is 100' of 12/2 STW cable with 10 LED lamp arrays, each spaced 10' apart.
LED is 50' of 12/3 STW cable with 5 LED lamp arrays, each spaced 10' apart.

You can also extend the value of your current stringlights by retrofitting them with Lind's LED stringlight replacement LED lamp arrays.  The replacement LED lamp array will fit in any standard (E-26) Edison socket.  Order part number TLS-LED for a replacement LED lamp array.

Lind TLS Stringlights - 50' or 100'

TLS-50 and TLS-100 Industrial Stringlights 

For tough, temporary lighting using incandescent or compact fluorescent bulbs, the TLS-50 (50') and TLS-100 (100') can't be beat.  The rugged 12/3 STW cable is high-visibility yellow and can withstand the toughest treatment.  The TLS has hanging holes on each socket that allow installation with either spikes or S-hooks.  These strings can be linked together for longer runs.

Bulb: Sockets are rated for a maximum 120V, 150W.  Use A23-style bulb only.
Approval: cULus
Available with plastic lamp guards or heavy-duty grounded metal guards.













 13.0 lbs






 13.9 lbs






 25.3 lbs






 27.1 lbs

Replacement guards available:

 Plastic (TLS-PG)

 Metal (TLS-MG)

Replacement Plastic Guard for Stringlight  Replacement Metal Guard for Stringlights


TLS-100CG Contractor-Grade Stringlights TLS-100CG Contractor-Grade Stringlight 

Building off of the design considerations put into our rugged industrial stringlights, we have created a contractor-grade stringlight that combines our traditional Lind Equipment high quality in a cost-effective solution.  These stringlights come with a connector on the end so that they can be strung together for longer runs.  No more re-wiring or having to run separate circuits for each stringlight.

Choosing a two-wire stringlight no longer means that you have to compromise on quality!

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100' of 12/2 STW cord
10 total sockets (spaced every 10')
Plastic guards included
Guards are PRE-ASSEMBLED on the string for immediate "out-of-the-box" usage
String has plug on one end, and outlet on the other so they can be linked together in longer runs
Holes in each socket for easy hanging

Bulb: Max. 150W. Use A-23 bulb style only.
Approval: cUL and UL approved


TLS-100CG Contractor-Grade Stringlights TLS-100CG14 USA Contractor-Grade Stringlight  - US ONLY

These stringlights are UL approved for temporary lighting and meet all OSHA and NEC requirements.  They will provide safe and effective temporary lighting for your job site without breaking the budget.

Each 100' stringlight comes pre-assembled with plastic guards.

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100' of 14/2 SJTW cord
10 total sockets (spaced every 10')
Plastic guards included
Guards are PRE-ASSEMBLED on the string for immediate "out-of-the-box" usage
Holes in each socket for easy hanging

Bulb: Max. 150W A-23 bulb
Approval: UL approved

Meets OSHA construction site requirements - 1926.405 (a) (2) (ii) (E & F)
Meets NEC requirements for temporary lighting - 525.21 (B), 527.4 (F), 527.4 (H)

TLS-FALK Field Accommodation Lighting Kit (NSN 6230-20-006-0369)
Military shelter lighting kit designed for traditional lighting applications.  Kit comes complete with metal guard protected string lights, CFL bulbs, s-hooks and a circuit-breaker protected 25' extension cord.  All contents are contained within a custom-foam protected waterproof transit case.

Stringlight: 32' STW 12/3 stringlight with 4 metal-guard protected lamp sockets spaced 8' apart. 4' input and output lengths. 5-15P plug and 5-15R receptacle.
Bulb: 4 high-efficiency 26W CFL spiral bulbs
Hooks: 50 metal s-hooks
Extension cord: 25' 12/3 SJTW cord with circuit-breaker proctected triple 5-15R outlet
Transit case: 38" x 16" x 6" waterproof ruggedized case with custom protective foam inserts
Approvals: cULus


Temporary high bay LE-HB400PLS 400W Metal Halide Pulse Start Temporary High Bay Light 

For your temporary job site lighting needs in high bay locations, Lind Equipment's LE-HB400PLS is a cost-effective, durable solution that can save you time and money.  The LE-HB400PLS comes with a bulb, an easy mounting hook and is pre-wired with cord and plug for 120V service.  The quad-tap ballast can easily be wired on-site for 120V, 208V, 240V, or 277V.

Choosing pulse-start technology over traditional probe-start provides:

  • Reduced lighting and re-lighting time
  • Longer lamp life and lumen output over time
  • Increased energy efficiency (more lumens per watt)
  • Better ability to start in cold temperatures 

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Bulb: MP400/BU/PS lamp (included).  Replacement bulb P/N LE-HB400PLS-P1
Light Output:  40,000 initial lumens
Overall length: 21.5"
Max. outer diameter: 5"
Cord type: 3' SJTW pre-wired on 120V tap
Unit weight: 17 lbs
Construction:  Power-coated steel enclosure and guard
Approvals: cULus, US EISA 2007 Requirements

LE5005 Fluorescent Stringlight


LE5005 Fluorescent Stringlight

Fluorescent stringlights provide safe and versatile wide-area illumination.  Heavy-duty and compact in design, they are ideal for a range of industrial uses including aircraft service, tunnels, tank cleaning, and temporary area lighting in military/construction shelters.

Feed-through receptacle at the end of the fixture permits the linking of multiple units together, and each unit includes two hooks for horizontal suspension.  The casing is moisture and dust resistant and has a full-length reflector that directs light onto the work area.

The LE5005 comes in regular and fully vapour-proof versions.

Bulb: PLL50/CW/RS 50W PLL-type lamp (included) is rated for 14,000 hours
Light Output:  4300 lumens of light (equivalent to 250-300W incandescent).
Overall length: 35"
Hanging height (with hooks): 14"
Tube diameter: 2 ¾"
Max. outer diameter: 4"
Cord type: 16/3 SJTOW
Unit weight: 6 lbs.
Construction:  Thick-walled polycarbonate outer tube is virtually unbreakable; oversized end caps provide additional impact protection.
Approvals: cETLus






 Dust resistant


 Flush-mount receptacle


 Fully vapour-proof


 1' Pigtail with weatherproof connector


 These lights can be strung together to light larger areas:


Replacement bulb: PLL50/CW/RS