The Beacon Light

Lind Equipment's Family of Heavy-Duty Portable LED Flood Lights

Like the light houses around the world, Lind's Beacon Light is reliable, bright and will always be there to keep you safe.


As bright as quartz halogen and metal halide lights, but with SO many advantages...

Quartz halogen and metal halide lights are everywhere, but that doesn't mean that they are the right solution.  There are many downsides to using these lights for work site and area lighting.  Their bulbs are extremely delicate and will break if handled or if subjected to vibrations, causing down time and replacement bulb costs.  Quartz halogen bulbs also heat up dangerously, posing burn and fire risks to all workers involved (see our heat analysis).  Lastly, they are incredibly energy inefficient compared to new LED technologies.  All of the Beacon Light products are backed by a three-year warranty.

The Beacon Light family of portable LED flood lights changes the game completely.  Using the newest LED technology, the Beacon Light puts out the same amount of usable light on your work site as the most popular quartz halogen and metal halide lights, with none of the downsides.  The Beacon Light generates light via integrated LED chips, which are solid state construction and can therefore endure shocks, vibrations and rough handling without breaking the LEDs.  Also, the Beacon Light is cool running and safe to touch even when left operating for hours and days on end.  All these benefits, and you use significantly less energy when running the Beacon Light, up to 90% less than traditional quartz halogen and metal halide lights.  

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Plug-in Beacon Light Products (click for more information)

LE965LED (30W) and LE970LED (50W)

LE975LED (140W)


BEACON360 (120W)

Equivalent to a 300-500W quartz halogen
Compact, Versatile, Portable
Equivalent to a 400W metal halide
Extra bright, Large flooding range, Portable/Fixed
The ultimate portable LED area light
360° of bright, maintenance-free light

LE-HB150LED (150W)

LE980LED (300W)

Temporary LED high bay for construction sites.  Daisy-chainable and energy efficient.  Replaces 400W metal halide high bays. Large area light for tower lights, cranes, pits.  Retrofit existing tower lights or buy with new tripod or cart.  
Battery Operated Beacon Light Products (click for more information)

LE965LEDC (30W)

Hours and hours of use without plugging in
Remote area lighting

Up to 25 hours of bright 360° lighting on a single charge. 
The ultimate remote area light.