Portable LED Lighting

Portable LED Lights

Lind Equipment's portable LED lights represent the absolute best in LED technology and rugged construction.  Bright white high efficiency LEDs coupled with long lasting LED drivers and thick housings means that you will never be let down by a Lind Equipment LED light.  Whether you are lighting up a small area for a couple of people to work, or casting light across an entire facility, we have what you need. 

We have tower lightsflood and area lights, dock lights, work lights, and string lights.

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Tower Lights

Beacon LED Tower

The Lind Equipment Beacon LED tower brings you all the light you've come to expect from traditional 4 x 1000W metal halide light towers, but in a completely unexpected package.  Compact, lightweight, and truly man-portable the Beacon LED Tower can be transported with ease without any compromise in durability and stability. 

All this, and at a price point less than half of traditional tower lights!

To learn more, check out the Beacon LED Tower dedicated web page.

Floodlights and Area Lights

Beacon Light LED Floodlight and Area lights

The Beacon Light suite of products is a full range of portable LED flood lights and area lights.

  • 360° LED Area lights (corded and battery operated), including the patented Beacon360
  • LED Flood lights
  • Battery operated LED Flood lights
  • LED High Bay lights
  • LED Tower lights

All of the lights in the Beacon Light series can be paired with a floor stand, tripod, magnet or clamp mount.

Click here to see the full line of Beacon Light flood and area lights.

Beacon360 Blaze 360° LED Area Light
Available as light head only, or floor stand, tripod, magnet or clamp attachments.

The Beacon360 Blaze is an incredibly bright LED area light that casts light in 360° and upwards, illuminating entire rooms and entire work areas, up to 50' in every direction.  Its 120W of power is bright enough to allow the entire crew to work anywhere in the area with only a fraction of the energy usage of traditional area lighting solutions.  If you are on a remote location, it might even mean that you can drop down a generator size, or drop a generator completely.

Ideal for construction, military, first responders and shutdowns, the Beacon360 Blaze is durable, rugged, easily transportable and will provide the lighting power you need instantly, every time.  The 50,000 hour rated LED arrays light up immediately on the touch of the switch and will light up instantly upon reset or power restore.  No more waiting fifteen minutes to get back to work after a power outage; that's time that no one has to spare.

To learn more about the Beacon360 Blaze, see its dedicated web page.

Beacon360 Trek 360° LED Area Light

The little brother to our best-selling patented Beacon360 Blaze.  The Beacon360 Trek casts light in 360° and upwards, illuminating work areas up to 25' in every direction.

The most amazing part about this light is its flexibility and portability.  The small size (only 8' long) will allow crews to bring this light anywhere.  This tough light can be easily moved around the site and be attached to different accessories such as tripods, floor stands, magnets and clamps.  This level of versatility allows the lights to adapt to your immediate application.

To learn more about the Beacon360 Trek, see its dedicated web page.

Battery operated Beacon360 360° LED Area Light
Available as light head only, or floor stand, tripod, magnet or clamp attachments.

The battery operated Beacon360 is the totally hands-free version of the popular Beacon360 LED area light.  Designed to light up a large area for a long time without any cords or power source, the battery Beacon360 can go anywhere.  It has multiple light level modes, which can generate up to 6,000 lumens and run for over 24 hours.

Ideal for construction site, remote areas, military, police, and fire applications, the battery Beacon360 is rugged and weatherproof to use in any tough application.

To learn more about the battery Beacon360, see its dedicated web page.

50W and 30W Heavy Duty LED Flood Light
Available as light head only, or with floor stand, tripod, magnet or clamp attachments.

The Beacon Light LED flood lights are bright and rugged LED floodlights that can easily replace a 500W quartz halogen light without the worries of constantly replacing bulbs or concerns about heat from the lamp.  The 50W or 30W integrated LED chip is cool running, operates really well in cold temperatures, and is rated for 50,000 hours. 

With a light temperature of 4500K, you get a truly bright white light with no blue tinge characteristic of cheaper LED lights.  The housing is incredibly strong and rated IP65 weatherproof.

Learn more about 50W and 30W versions on the dedicated web page.

Battery Operated Heavy Duty LED Flood Light
Available as light head only, or with floor stand, tripod, magnet or clamp attachments.

No need to compromise on light output when you don't have power.  The LE965LEDC puts out the same useable light as a 300W quartz halogen light but with no need for cords or to plug it in.  You can light up an entire scene and area with this powerful rechargeable light.  Battery lasts for up to four hours on a single charge.

Built with the same durable housing and highly technical interior components as the corded 50W and 30W versions, the battery operated LED flood lights are designed to thrive in your tough environment.

Learn more about the 30W battery operated heavy duty LED flood light on the dedicated web page.

The Hornet - Battery Operated Ultra-Portable LED Light

The Hornet light is a 10W battery operated LED flood light that is perfect in your tool bag as your go-to task light.  Incredibly small and light, yet durable and surprisingly powerful, the Hornet can illuminate your task easily.

The battery lasts up to 4 hours on a single charge.  The Hornet comes with 120V and 12V charging cords, so you will always have your light when you need it.

Learn more about the Hornet light on the dedicated web page.

Large Area LED Tower Light
Available as light head only, or with wheeled cart, or tripod attachments.

Our brightest LED flood light yet, this replaces a 1000W metal halide light with ease, and has none of the common drawbacks of the metal halide technology.  Metal halide bulbs often break during transport to the job site, and use a massive amount of energy.  This energy usage means frequent refueling of a generator, which costs time and money.  At only 300W of energy usage, our LE980LED puts out the same amount of useable light as a 1000W metal halide while using less than a third of the energy.

On cranes and on construction pits, 1000W metal halide light fixtures are mounted dozens of feet in the air on the mast to light up the work site below.  Mounting these heavy fixtures is difficult, and changing the bulbs even a bigger problem.  Plus, as with tower lights, traditional crane lights use a ton of energy and are often left running 24/7.  For these and any other applications where you need the largest areas lit up, Lind Equipment offers the LE980LED wide area LED tower light.

For more information, check out the dedicated web page.

Large Area LED Flood Light
Available as light head only, or with tripod or flood stand attachments.

The 140W Beacon Light projects a wide, shadow-free flood of crisp bright white light generated via 2 x 70W LED integrated chips, which are solid-state and can therefore endure shocks, vibrations and rough handling without breaking the LEDs. 

The high-quality LEDs are cool running and rated for over 50,000 hours, meaning you never have to change a bulb. The Beacon will provide an instant start in even the coldest locations, and the unit remains cool-to-the-touch even if left running for days.

The LE975LED provides equivalent usable light to a 400W metal halide bulb with none of the associated heat, bulb fragility, or delayed start up time.  All this while reducing energy usage by 65%.  Energy savings alone can save over $100 dollars a year.

For more information, check out the dedicated web page.

LED High Bay Light

As a key component of the LED Jobsite, Lind Equipment's LE-HB150LED is a bright, robust LED temporary high bay light that can illuminate over 3,000 sq ft when mounted at a height of 20' above the ground.  This light replaces traditional 400W metal halide temporary high bay lights while using only 150W of energy, more than a 60% decrease in energy consumption.

A major advantage of the LE-HB150LED is that it comes with a daisy-chain outlet right out of the box.  Now installing temporary high bays has never been easier for the electrician.  The daisy-chain functionality allows up to nine lights to be connected together on a single 15A circuit, compared to only three traditional 400W metal halide high bays.  Save hundreds of dollars per light in installation labour and equipment.

See the dedicated web page for more information.


Dock Lights

L41LED LED Dock Light
By utilizing the latest advancements in LED technology, the L41LED uses only a fraction of the energy of a quartz halogen or incandescent dock light while providing a bright, uniform light to fully illuminate even the longest of trailers.  The light gives off almost no heat, meaning a much safer light with little or no maintenance.  Heavy duty enough to withstand the rugged environment of a typical loading dock area, the L41LED has what it takes to ensure you can get your job done safely and efficiently.  Comes with 40" tubular extension arm with five pivot points and mounting hardware.

Click here for our information sheet.

Bulb: High output LED array (38W total), rated for 50,000 hours
Light output: 3,500 lumens, enough to light an entire trailer
Weight: 11 lbs
Construction: Aluminum fixture, tubular steel arm, tempered glass lens
Approvals: cULus

L61 LED Dock Light L61 Flexible Arm LED Dock Light

Bright, energy efficient LED technology comes to the dock light.  Our L61 LED dock light shines a bright beam designed to light up the longest of trailers with no wasted light.  The LEDs last over 50,000 hours and give off almost no heat, meaning a safer light with much less maintenance.  The flexible arm allows for unlimited positioning while the housing is made from a durable polycarbonate polymer that will stay strong even in cold temperatures.

Click here for our information sheet.  Cliquez ici pour le fiche d'information.

Bulb:  LED array (10W total - high efficiency LEDs), rated for 50,000 hours
Light output:  Equivalent to a 150W PAR28 bulb
Weight: 12 lbs
Construction: Polycarbonate head and lens (no glass), steel mounting plate, flexible arm
Approvals: cULus


Heavy-Duty LED Work Lights




LE1725LED LED Work Light

Our incredibly popular line of heavy-duty LED work lights have been upgraded.  The LE1725LED work light is quickly becoming the favourite choice for customer across North America.  The polycarbonate lens and rubber roll-proof handle make this model virtually indestructible.  With no bulbs to replace, the latest LED chip technology, and little chance of breakage makes this a very high value light.  Comes with dual hanging hooks.

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The LE1725LED has the same usable light output as a 13W fluorescent work light, but with superior LED technology and no bulbs to replace.  It also has a flashlight LED at the end allowing it to operate in flashlight or work light modes.  This light is also available on a cable reel.

Bulb:  2 x 4W high output white LEDs.  Extra LED on top end for flashlight mode.
Length: 11.5" 
Width: 2.25"
Weight: 1 lb (light head)
Construction:  Polycarbonate lens, Nylon 66 rubber handle and end cap. 25' 18/2 SJTOW cord

Approvals: cETLus


Watch a video of this series of light in action - see how durable these lights really are.  The video shows the LE1425LED, the predessor to the  LE1725LED light.  The LE1725LED is built with the same durable construction.

Industrial LED Work Lights

LED5015G LED Work Light

LED5015G LED Work Light

Packing 50 LEDs into a compact space, the LED5015G is bright white light where you need it most.  It incorporates a 13A convenience outlet in the handle so that you can plug in additional tools.  The LED5015G also comes with a removable magnet mount and dual hooks so that it can be positioned exactly where you need it.  This light is also available on a cord reel.

Bulb:  50 LED, 3.39W
Length: 15" 
Width: 3.5"
Height: 2" 
Weight: 2.9 lbs
Construction:  Molded plastic housing.  15' 16/3 SJT cord.

Looking for military grade LED stringlights and shelter lights?  Click here

TLS-100MGLED and TLS-50MGLED Enclosed Metal Guard LED Stringlights

True 100W equivalent LED bulb stringlights for your job site.  We've designed this stringlight to protect the LED bulbs from theft thanks to its enclosed metal guards.  These metal guards are secured with a screw at the top that can be made tamper proof for extra protection.  Use these stringlights in hallways, stairwells, and sidewalk coverings. 

For other temporary construction lighting, see our LED Jobsite line of products.

Bulb: 17W high-output LED bulbs
Approval: cULus

TLS-100MGLED is 100' of 12/2 STW cable with 10 LED enclosed metal guard bulbs, each spaced 10' apart.
TLS-50MGLED is 50' of 12/2 STW cable with 5 LED enclosed metal guard bulbs, each spaced 10' apart.

Contact us for USA-only versions with 14 gauge cable.

Click here for an information sheet.

TLS-100LED and TLS-50LED Industrial LED Stringlights 

Maximize the efficiency and cost savings on your job site with Lind Equipment's LED stringlights.  With all the benefits of LED, such as low energy usage and no bulb changes, the Lind LED stringlights are built to withstand the toughest environments.  Each lamp is equipped with a high output LED lamp array which provides more useable light than a 100W incandescent bulb yet only consumes a fraction of the energy. 

Bulb: 6.6W high-output LED lamp array with standard Edison base (E-26)
Approval: cULus

Click here for an information sheet.

TLS-100LED is 100' of 12/2 STW cable with 10 LED lamp arrays, each spaced 10' apart.
TLS-50LED is 50' of 12/3 STW cable with 5 LED lamp arrays, each spaced 10' apart.

You can also extend the value of your current stringlights by retrofitting them with Lind's LED stringlight replacement LED lamp arrays.  The replacement LED lamp array will fit in any standard (E-26) Edison socket.  Order part number TLS-LED for a replacement LED lamp array.

LE7035 and LE7055 LED Linear Stringlights

Our highly advanced Expedition military shelter lighting, now in an industrial version.  Enjoy the same rugged construction and high technology LED lighting as many militaries use, but in a lower-cost industrial application version.  The two versions of this light offer different light levels to match your application.  The lights can daisy-chain together for easy installation.

Ideal for tunnels, aircraft, transit vehicles and shelters, the LE7035 and LE7055 series will never let you down.

Bulb: High output LEDs - LE7035W @ 35W, LE7055W @ 55W
Light output:  LE7035W @ 3,500 lumens, LE7055W @ 5,500 lumens
Overall length: LE7035W @ 32", LE7055W @ 36"
Diameter: 6"
Weight: LE7035W @ 6lbs, LE7055W @ 8lbs
Environmental rating: IP65 (weatherproof)
Construction: Aluminum housing, polycarbonate lens, rubber end caps
Cord: 6' power input cord with plug, 1' power beyond cord with connector

Click here for more information and data sheet.