The Beacon Light Battery Powered Version

The Heavy-Duty Rechargeable LED Flood Light

Truly Bright Remote Area Lighting


No more compromising when it comes to lighting without power...

Just because you are working a remote location, are in a job site without power, or have to enter a tight space where cords could be dangerous, it shouldn't mean that you have to compromise on lighting your work area.

The battery powered Beacon Light changes the game completely.  Using the newest LED technology, the 30W battery powered Beacon Light puts out the same amount of usable light on your work site as a 300W quartz halogen, without needing to be plugged in.  You no longer have to try to work on a remote site using flashlights that don't provide enough light.

Ideal for emergency services and first responders, the battery powered Beacon Light is a truly bright floodlight that will illuminate an entire scene, unlike many other portable LED lights.  It's easy to see how it would perform by looking at what a traditional halogen light can do for your scene lighting.  The Beacon Light performs at the same level, but it doesn't require bulbs or a power cord, and it doesn't generate any dangerous heat. 

The battery powered Beacon Light generates light via a 30W LED integrated chip, which is solid state construction and can therefore endure shocks, vibrations and rough handling without breaking the LEDs.  Also, the Beacon Light is cool running and safe to touch even when left operating for hours and days on end.    

Work for up to 26 hours on a single charge.  Truly a bright remote area light.


LE965LEDC Specs

Approvals:  cETLus portable work light.
Light Temperature:  4500K (bright white light - no blue tint)
Lumens: 4,000 (equivalent usable light of a 300W quartz halogen)
LED Life Expectancy:  The integrated LED chip is designed to last for 50,000 hours.
Environmental Rating:  IP54 (waterproof)
Construction: Cast aluminum housing, carrying handle, adjustable yoke with wing nuts, 120V charger, tempered glass or polycarbonate lens
Charge time: 5 hours
Run time: Multiple settings - 4 hours at 100%, 8 hours at 50%, 26 hours at 15%
Switch: Push-button multi-select switch with rubber cover
Weight: 8 lbs (light head only)
Height: 7.25" (light head)
Width: 9" (light head)
Depth: 5.25" (light head)
Warranty: Three years (see details)

View the specifications sheet here.


Below is a list of the stocked SKUs for the battery powered Beacon Light.  If you want to see this light used in an OEM or custom application, please contact us.

All Beacon Lights now come standard with tempered glass lens, and are available with virtually unbreakable polycarbonate lenses (add "-PL" to the part numbers below).

30W Version SKUs Description
LE965LEDC Heavy-duty battery powered LED flood light.  Light head and yoke only.
LE965LEDC-TR Heavy-duty battery powered LED flood light, mounted on a 4-8' tripod.
LE965LEDC-TD Dual heavy-duty battery powered LED flood lights, mounted on a 4-8' tripod.  Individual switches for each light to allow for multiple light levels. 
LE965LEDC-FS Heavy-duty battery powered LED flood light, mounted on an aluminum floor stand. 
LE965LEDC-MAG Heavy-duty battery powered LED flood light, with two 130lb pull-strength magnets on the yoke.  This model come standard with the extra strong ruggedized yoke.
LE965LEDC-CLAMP Heavy-duty battery powered LED flood, with high strength adjustable clamp for mounting on scaffolding, ladders or other surfaces.