Static electricity is a constant problem in many facilities with hazardous locations.   Static buildup can lead to explosions, fires, property damage, and injury to personnel.

Whether you are grounding drums, tanker-trucks, or aircraft, we have the clamps, cables, and reels to fit all your static bonding and grounding needs.

We can provide helpful information on how to properly drain static electricity from equipment.  Check out our Static Bonding and Grounding Best Practices video.

Engineering guides available with detailed specs and usage information.  Please contact us.


We offer a wide variety of grounding clamps to meet all static grounding and bonding applications.  Whether you are designing a complete facility or have a one-time requirement, we can help.

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Bonding and Grounding Assemblies

We provide some commonly-used grounding assemblies that are found throughout different industries. Custom assemblies are available to meet your specific needs.

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Static Grounding Reels

Grounding Reels

Our line of static bonding and grounding reels are used extensively with aircraft refueling, and the loading/unloading of tank cars, storage tanks, trucks, grain silos, and chemical/fuel refineries.

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A continuously monitored grounding system can provide clear indication that a ground connection has been made and static electricity is being dissipated.  They can be interlocked with filling equipment, computer systems and more to control access when a ground connection is or is not present.

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A portable static monitoring system that can be deployed for trucks, railcars, drumming or mixing operations.  The StaticSure unit gives a bright red LED indication if you do not have a good connection to drain static electricity.

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