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Lind Equipment releases new heavy-duty and NEMA 4X cord reels
Markham, ON, Canada (April 4, 2011) – Lind Equipment proudly introduces its new line of heavy-duty and NEMA 4X weatherproof cord reels.  The heavy-duty cord reels offer a durable all-steel construction at a reasonable price point.  The NEMA 4X cord reels come in both heavy-duty all-steel models and an industry-first industrial-duty NEMA 4X weatherproof reel.  Both the heavy-duty and NEMA 4X reels are perfect for bringing portable power to tougher workplaces where extra demands are placed on the tools and workers every day.

Lind’s new LE9000 series of reels are heavy-duty, all-steel construction and built to be virtually maintenance free throughout their lives.  Lind has brought decades of experience in working with cord reels to bring to market a heavy-duty reel that meets the needs of today’s industrial users.  A compact form factor, an extra-thick adjustable guide arm, and many configurations are available to fit any set of requirements.  The LE9000 series can be outfitted with a wide array of attachments including fluorescent and incandescent/CFL lights, and15A and 20A quad boxes to name a few.  LE9000 series reels are available in models with up to 50’ of cable and up to 4 conductors.

Lind’s new NEMA 4X reels come in heavy-duty (LE9500 series) and industrial-duty (LE6500 series) models.  Both models are fully NEMA 4X compliant to be weatherproof and able to be used outdoors or in wet areas such as hose-down locations.  The heavy-duty LE9500 series is built with the same all-steel construction as the LE9000 series.  LE9500 series reels are available with up to 80’ of cable and up to 12 conductors.

Lind’s industrial-duty NEMA 4X rated LE6500 series reels are an industry-first.  Made with a strong ABS plastic housing, the LE6500 series reels bring weatherproof cord reel technology into a more affordable form.  The LE6500 reels are perfect for wet areas that require portable power, but a heavy-duty reel isn’t right due to price constraints, less harsh work environments or limited space requirements.  The LE6500 reels are already deployed in hospital operating rooms and as block heater reels for trucking and distribution companies.

“Lind’s new heavy-duty and NEMA 4X reels are designed to help our customers work confidently in their tough work environments.” said Rami Ghanem, Product Manager, Lind Equipment “We are proud to be able to offer the robust solution that our industrial customers need at a fair price point that they deserve.”

To see more information about Lind's new heavy-duty and NEMA4X reels, please click here for a mini catalogue.

Lind Equipment releases new mobile hazmat static grounding kit
Markham, ON, Canada (March 3, 2011) – Lind Equipment is please to announce a new portable static grounding kit made especially for hazmat and flammable spill responders.  This new kit provides all of the tools necessary to provide static grounding protection in remote location.  For fire departments, hazmat crews, and first responders, this kit will be an invaluable addition to their tool set to protect their personnel and equipment from the risk of a static discharge.   

Provincial fire codes in Canada require that static grounding equipment be used whenever flammables are being transferred.  This reduces the risk of a static discharge, which could cause an explosion.  Until now, there was no easy way to do this in a remote location such as a truck rollover cleanup site.  On site, the fire codes would require both the damaged truck and the truck cleaning up the flammables to be static grounded.  The new Lind LE-ERK1 mobile hazmat static grounding kit allows responders to comply with the fire codes and ensure that a static discharge does not occur when cleaning up flammable spills. 

The LE-ERK1 comes complete with a durable, lifetime warranty protected, hard plastic case; a copper mobile ground rod; a sectional hammer driver for ground rod insertion and removal; two RAC20 grounding assemblies; and a set of laminated, in-case instructions for assembly and use.  The LE-ERK1 is available through Lind’s network of knowledgeable industrial and electrical distributors throughout Canada and the USA. 

To download a one-pager about the LE-ERK1, click here.
Lind Equipment releases new hazardous location floodlight
Markham, ON, Canada (February 8, 2011) – Lind Equipment introduces a new hazardous location floodlight to its industry-leading line of explosion proof lights.  The XP1630 is a 150W PAR38 incandescent floodlight that outperforms the competition while offering a value alternative for explosion proof floodlights.  It is constructed from thick aluminum and built to be water-tight, making it suitable for use in wet locations and providing protection to the light during pressure-washer cleaning.

In light output tests, the XP1630 was found to be twice as bright when viewed straight on at 50’ than the industry-leading 300W incandescent explosion-proof floodlight.  This improved performance comes from the choice in bulb design which focuses the flood beam onto the work area rather than sending unusable light in all directions.  

This new light comes standard with 25, 50 or 100’ of 16/3 SOW cord and a non-explosion proof plug.  Various cord lengths and different plugs options (including explosion proof plugs) are available.  The XP1630 can be purchased across Canada through Lind’s distribution network that includes the most knowledgeable industrial and electrical distributors.  

To download a one-pager about the XP1630, please click here.
Lind Equipment releases new heavy-duty rechargeable LED lantern
Markham, ON, Canada (November 30, 2010) – Lind Equipment introduces a new upgraded version of a rechargeable lantern that has been the standard for years in firefighting, emergency services, and utilities.  The new LE945-1LED takes the durability and reliability of Lind’s LE945 halogen bulb lantern and upgrades it significantly with a new powerful LED array.

The LE945-1LED is a heavy-duty hand-held lantern that is built with a rugged housing that takes a great deal of abuse.  It operates on a rechargeable 6V gel cell battery that is known for its long-life and reliability.  With the new LED array, the LE945-1LED can last for up to 50 hours of continuous use on a full charge, an unparalleled life-span for a rechargeable light.  Additionally, the new LE945-1LED has the ability to switch between flood and spot beams, providing additional flexibility for whatever situation you might encounter.

This new light comes standard with a wall-mountable 120V AC plug-in charger, but can alternatively be purchased with a 12V DC plug-in charger (LE945-2LED) or a 12V DC hardwire charger (LE945-3LED) for vehicle mounting purposes.  It is also available in a ‘emergency-on’ configuration that automatically turns on when there is a power failure (LE946-1LED). The LE945-1LED products can be purchased across Canada through Lind’s distribution network that includes the most knowledgeable industrial and electrical distributors. 

To download a one-pager with information about the LE945 (both in halogen and LED versions), click here.
Lind Equipment's 2010-2011 Catalogue now available 
Markham, ON, Canada (August 9, 2010) – Lind Equipment proudly launches its latest catalogue today, the 2010-2011 edition.  The new edition boasts dozen of new SKUs and growth in the depth of popular historical lines.  This new catalogue builds on Lind’s experience of over 60 years of supplying the toughest workplaces.  It is now available for download from the Lind Equipment site or in paper-format.  Both formats can be requested at

Of particular note in the 2010-2011 edition is the addition of several new and innovative products that have already found great success in the market.  Lind’s hazardous location line grows with the addition of the XP300LED; a first of its kind rechargeable intrinsically safe LED work light.  Lind is also now offering certified and approved explosion-proof extension cords.  Additionally, Lind has bolstered its already extensive line of industrial work lighting with several new LED powered lights.

“We are extremely excited to be presenting our new 2010-2011 catalogue to the industry today,” said Brian Astl, VP Sales for Lind Equipment “We have answered the market’s call for innovative products that allow people to Work Confidently.  We look forward to continuing to support our distributors with the best products for their customers.”  Lind Equipment products from the new catalogue can be purchased across Canada through Lind’s distribution network that includes the most knowledgeable industrial and electrical distributors. 
Lind Equipment releases new hazardous location rechargeable LED work light
Markham, ON, Canada (June 1, 2010) – Lind Equipment introduces a new standard in hazardous location lighting with the launch of its new XP300LED work light.  The XP300LED is a rechargeable intrinsically safe LED light that is approved for Class 1, Division 1, Group C&D locations in Canada and the US.  With seven hours of run time on a single charge, the XP300LED will revolutionize the way that portable lighting is used in hazardous locations.

The XP300LED has three 3W bright LEDs that are rated for over 50,000 hours.  These LEDs are protected by a polycarbonate lens that can be adjusted to change the beam from work light to flood light.  When this functionality is paired with the pivoting light head, hanging hook, and wrist strap, the XP300LED is an easy to use hazardous location light that will allow you to get the job done while working confidently.

The XP300LED’s NiMH battery (complete with 120V charging cord) removes the need for long runs of cord or expensive explosion-proof plugs.  With a length of just over 13” including the battery, the form factor allows the light to get into the tightest of spaces.  The XP300LED can be purchased across Canada through Lind’s distribution network that includes the most knowledgeable industrial and electrical distributors. 

To learn more about the XP300LED, click here.
 Rechargeable Hazardous Location Light
Lind Equipment releases heavy-duty battery-operated rechargeable LED work light
Markham, ON, Canada (May 3, 2010) – Lind Equipment continues to add to its line of LED work lights with the LED1425C rechargeable heavy-duty LED work light.  Built with the same construction as Lind’s popular line of Lumenex heavy-duty fluorescent work lights, the LED1425C is the cordless LED answer to a work light that can withstand abuse day in and day out.

Similar to the LE1425LED corded LED work light, the LED1425C operates as a dual-mode light, combining eight LEDs along the length of the light to operate as a work light and a high-powered LED on the top end to operate as a flashlight.  It is made to survive in the toughest work places with a virtually unbreakable polycarbonate lens and a Nylon 66 hard, chemical resistant handle.  Its 7.2V NiMH battery will last for up to five hours on a single charge thanks to the energy efficiency of the LED bulbs.  

The LED1425C comes with a single battery, a 120V charging cord, and dual hanging hooks.  Extra batteries are available for uninterrupted usage (P/N LED1425C-P1).  It can be purchased from knowledgeable industrial and electrical distributors across Canada.

The LED1425C will be making its debut at the MEET show in Moncton, NB on May 5 and 6, 2010 at the Lind Equipment booth (#829).

To learn more about the LED1425C, click here.
 LED1425C Heavy-Duty Rechargeable LED Work Light
Lind Equipment and Westburne partner to distribute Lind's LE1425LED worklight
Markham, ON, Canada (March 1, 2010) – Lind Equipment is proud to announce a partnership with Westburne, an industry leader in electrical distribution in Canada, to distribute Lind’s new LE1425LED heavy-duty LED work light.  Westburne will be the exclusive electrical distributor in Canada for the LE1425LED for a period of six months commencing March 1, 2010.  Westburne will be stocking the LE1425LED at its distribution centres and many branches throughout its broad network of 110 locations.   

“We are excited to partner with a great industry leader like Westburne to ensure a strong distribution platform for our new heavy-duty LED worklight.” said John Pannunzio, Electrical Sales Manager at Lind Equipment.  “By adding the LE1425LED to their line, Westburne extends its leadership in offering the best electrical equipment for its customers.”

Lind Equipment adds heavy-duty LED work light to its product line
Markham, ON, Canada (February 8, 2010) – Lind Equipment is proud to announce the release of the newest addition to its line of energy saving work lights.  The LE1425LED is a heavy-duty LED work light that combines the virtually indestructible construction of Lind’s Lumenex fluorescent work lights with the latest in LED lighting technology. 

The LE1425LED operates as a dual-mode light, combining LEDs along the length of the light to operate as a work light and a high-powered LED on the top end to operate as a flashlight.  A simple push of the switch changes between these modes easily.  Built with a replaceable polycarbonate lens and rubber end caps, the light is designed for heavy-duty usage and can withstand drops and any other abuse that is thrown at it.  Even with this heavy-duty design, the LE1425LED is incredibly lightweight, with the light head weighing less than a pound.

The LE1425LED comes with 25’ of cord and dual hanging hooks.  The LE1425LED is also available on a 40’ auto-retracting cord reel under part number LE1440RLED.

For more details on this new addition, click here.

LE1425 Heavy Duty LED Work Light
Lind Equipment introduces new industrial rechargeable LED work light
Markham, ON - November 1, 2009 - As an addition to its successful line of LED work lights, Lind Equipment introduces the new LED280C rechargeable industrial LED work light.  Powered by three 1-watt CREE LEDs, this rechargeable light is very bright and illuminates a work area for hours at a time on a single charge.  The LED280C comes complete with two hanging hooks at either end, a powerful magnet mount, and two rechargeable batteries.  The recharging station can be plugged into 120V or 12V (cigarette plug) outlets using the included plugs. 

UPDATE:  The LED280C wins Best in Show award at the US AAPEX show!  Click on the link below for details.

For more details on this great light, click the picture or click here.
 LED280C Rechargeable LED Worklight
CBS' "60 Minutes" highlights the dangers of explosive dust environments
In a recent episode, the news serial asks whether enough is done to protect workers in facilities that contain combustible dust.   Grain, metal and wood dusts are just examples of serious safety concerns that employers should address.

Properly recognizing the hazard and using the properly approved equipment is a large part of the answer.  Our static bonding and grounding equipment and hazardous location lights have been a part of the solution for decades.

For more information as to what constitutes a hazardous location, see our resources page on Working in Hazardous Locations.

To watch the video, click the image at the right.  For a full transcript, visit the 60 Minutes site here.