Lind Equipment’s NEWEST portable and durable LED Floodlight  


Bright. Portable. Durable

The new, sleek and upgraded Beacon LED Floodlight has all the light power you’ve come to expect with the 970 Floodlight - but packs a harder punch.

The Beacon Infinity Light revolutionizes the very idea of a floodlight. It’s bold and versatile with infinite attachment options. Gone are the days of multiple lights for every job, the high-efficiency LED Infinity Light is the one light to replace all others.

The ultra-portable, handheld light can be placed virtually anywhere with multiple mounting options. Its compact size and weight make it the perfect light to fit in any tool bag. The Infinity Light is built strong and durable to keep up with the demanding needs of the trade. All these features come in a sleek and innovative design from an award-winning company.


Exceeds Military Grade Drop Test Requirements

Durability of the Infinity Light is brought to a whole new level!

easily click mounting options on to light

Watch as we easily click the Beacon Infinity Light into multiple different attachment mounts. Super easy and convenient the Beacon Infinity Light is unlike any other floodlight on the market!



Beacon Infinity Light by Lind Equipment - Spin to see a 360 degree angle


Infinite Mounting Options

Mount the light EASILY on to multiple attachment options to place your light anywhere it needs.

Infinite Mounting Graphs


Tripod Package Dual .png

Tripod Package Dual

Comes complete with two light heads, and the heavy-duty tripod with mounts, plus two magnets for each head

single tripod package.png

Tripod Package Single

This package comes with a single light head, along with a heavy-duty tripod and mounts, plus a magnet attachment

floorstand package.png

Floor Stand Package

The package comes complete with a floor stand and magnet mount for a single light head

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