Lind Equipment launches Beacon LED Tower

Lind Equipment is proud to announce the launch of its new Beacon LED Tower, the first light tower to be built by a lighting company, not a generator company.

The Beacon LED Tower is a high-output, man-portable light tower that can run on external electrical power or a user-supplied on-board small generator/inverter.  It brings a large set of benefits to those needing remote or large area lighting, and at half the cost of traditional metal halide generator light towers.

The Beacon LED Tower uses state-of-the-art Lind Equipment large area LED floodlights that provide more mean light output than traditional metal halide bulbs, but use 80% less power.  These lights are warrantied for three years and rated for over 50,000 hours, meaning customers will never have to change a bulb again.

The small power draw of the ultra-efficient LED lights means that there is no need for a large engine or generator in the Beacon LED Tower.  As such, Lind Equipment designed it to be truly man-portable.  Weighing just over 300 pounds, the Beacon LED Tower can be moved around a jobsite by one person, and lifted by a couple.  Two Beacon LED Towers will fit in the back of a standard-sized pick-up truck, and it is small enough to fit through a doorway.

Also, the small power draw means that the Beacon LED Tower doesn’t require much electricity to operate.  Two of the LE980LED-T4 (four light head) Beacon LED Towers can be run off a single 15A circuit and require only 800W of power.  If power is not available, a user-supplied small suitcase generator can sit safely inside the lockable ventilated housing and have plenty of excess energy for other uses.  Beacon LED Towers come with an outlet for daisy-chaining multiple units together.

The Beacon LED Tower comes standard with an external fuel tank (inside the housing), which supplements the run time of a suitcase generator to about 45 hours.  Whether running off external power or a suitcase generator, the Beacon LED Tower is whisper-quiet, perfect for urban construction or events.

“We are incredibly excited to launch this game-changer in the light tower industry,” said Brian Astl, President of Lind Equipment, “The Beacon LED Tower provides the same useable light, run-time, and durability of traditional metal halide light towers, but with so much more.  And all at a price point half of what the industry is used to paying.”

To learn more about the Beacon LED Tower, click here.