Construction Executive article on LED Jobsite


The folks at Constructive Executive magazine have shared a great article on the "Five Misconceptions of Construction Jobsite Lighting."  In this article, they quote from an interview with Brian Astl, President of Lind Equipment about the common misconceptions that construction industry executives have about moving to an all LED Jobsite.  The article nicely summarizes the biggest myths that are stopping general contractors and electrical contractors from realizing large savings on energy and labor while helping to save the environment.

Misconceptions tackled include:

  • Jobsite lighting must be temporary, disposable and a consumable
  • The energy savings from switching to the LED Jobsite won't make a difference
  • Changing to purpose-built LED lighting will not affect a job's labor or materials
  • Jobsite lighting will not have an environmental impact on the jobsite
  • LED lighting is too expensive