Unprecedented central control of your shelter lighting system


Current shelter lighting systems require controlling the light levels, covert/black-out modes and any other lighting functions at the individual fixtures.  This means that every light must be touched to move to a dimmer lighting environment, or a critical black-out environment, which wastes time and increases the chance of error.

WIth the Lind Equipment Expedition Tactical LED Shelter Lighting System, every light in the shelter can have all of its functions controlled centrally using our central control boxes.  These boxes are modular in nature and an unlimited number of them can be placed anywhere in the shelter.  This means a central control could be placed at every entrance to the shelter, providing the ultimate control over your shelter lighting situation.

Lind Equipment's Expedition lights also have a set of buttons that control the individual light's functions.  The central control will override these choices if a different mode is selected centrally. 


Every shelter using the central control requires one Central Control Box

  • Central Control box plugs into the 120V or 240V power source

Expedition Lights are connected in series from the Central Control box

  • Lights are connected to Central Control and to each other using an IP67 multi-pin connector that passes electricity and control information through the entire shelter

Add Auxiliary Control box at any point between lights

  • Auxiliary Control boxes use the same connectors and "T-junction" off the lights

An unlimited number of Auxiliary Control boxes can be added

  • Auxiliary and Central Control boxes will control all the lights in the shelter

To take advantage of the central control functionality, make sure your Expedition Lighting System is ordered correctly

  • Configure the lights to use this advanced functionality by adding the central control option in the part number (add -CB to the part number for each light)
  • Order one Central Control box per shelter (LE7055-CC).  This is the box that connects to the 120V or 240V power source
  • Order as many Auxiliary Control boxes as you require per shelter (LE7055-AC)

Want less control?

  • If you don't want central control functionality, then simply configure your Expedition light part numbers accordingly
  • Order your Expedition lights without the central control functionality by NOT including that option in the part number (i.e. do NOT include -CB)
  • No need to order any Central Control or Auxiliary Control boxes
  • Expedition lights will come with 5-15 plugs and receptacles for plugging into the power source and daisy-chaining together in series


For ordering information, including part numbers and nomenclature, please click here.