The toughest work environments can take their toll on your equipment, your cords, and your tools, but they should not have to take a toll on your people.  Ground fault circuit interrupters (known as GFCIs) can protect workers and equipment from ground fault related injuries and damage.  Ground faults can occur when electrical current is diverted from its normal circuit to ground due to water infiltration or damage to cords or equipment.  Even a relatively minor ground fault has the potential to be lethal.

A GFCI device monitors the electrical current leaving and returning to the GFCI.  If there is a difference of as little as 4-6mA of current flow, the GFCI will 'trip', cutting off the flow of electricity.  This trip happens in a fraction of a second, and can save lives and protect your equipment from damage.  That is why many jurisdictions have made GFCI protection mandatory for outside construction work.

Lind has a long history of working with GFCIs, whether it is the standard GFCI plug or cord set, or integrating a GFCI into OEM equipment.  Let our expertise help your people and equipment to work confidently.

If you would like to learn more about how GFCIs, EGFPDs, and high voltage ground fault interrupters work, please see our Understanding GFCIs blog post.

Indoor/Outdoor GFCIs

These are your standard GFCI devices, built for either indoor use (e.g.  panel mounts) or rugged indoor/outdoor use (e.g. inline GFCI, quad boxes)

High Voltage/Amperage GFCI and EGFPD

For when you are dealing with high voltage (>120 V) or amperages (> 20A), these units will protect your equipment and personnel.  EGFPD (Equipment Ground Fault Protection Devices) are specially designed for high-powered machines that require a specialized device to protect them from ground faults.