Sometimes explosion-proof just isn't enough to cover all the hazards of a tough workplace.  Working in a wet environment complicates the use of electricity even further.  We've found a solution by pairing our explosion-proof hand lamps with a transformer to provide safe 12V power so that nothing can stand in your way of getting the job done.  These lights are not available in Canada.

Our quad-tube XP87B fluorescent hand lamp with a 12V inline transformer and 50 ft. cord with plug.  Not available in Canada.

Bulb:  Fluorescent26W quad-tube
Light output:  1800 lumen
Construction:  Dupont ZYTEL outer construction is extremely rugged and leaves no exposed metal parts.  Tempered glass globe.
Length: 23"
Diameter: 4" 
Weight: 3.5 lbs. (less cable)
Approvals: UL approved for Class I, Division 1, Groups C &D, and for Class II, Division 1, Groups F & G (light head only)

Replacement bulb: XP874B