Industrial distributors stock a wide range of hardware, tools, and safety products.  Many of them have extensive catalogues and branch locations across the country.  Rental companies offer Lind Equipment products available to rent for specific projects.  We partner with these industrial and rental distributors to bring you the best in tough portable electrical equipment to help you Work Confidently.

Below is a list of our sales reps and nationwide industrial and rental distributors.  If you would like to know more about our regional distributor network or are interested to find the closest distributor to you that stocks the Lind products you are looking for, please call the rep listed below on the map or fill out our Contact Form.

If you are looking for electrical distributors, contact our sales representatives for electrical distributors.

Clicking on a link below will open the distributor's website in a new window.

If you are looking for a distributor outside of North America, please contact us via our Contact Form,
or by calling +1 905-475-5086.

North American Industrial and Rental Sales Representatives


Canadian Nationwide Industrial Distributors



USA Nationwide Industrial Distributors



Don't see your favourite industrial or rental distributor here?  They are likely part of our strong network of regional industrial distributors across Canada.

Call us (877-475-LIND) or fill out our Contact Form to find the closest industrial and rental distributor near you.


Remember, always ask for Lind Equipment products by name.  Don't compromise on quality.