Lind's line of heavy duty neoprene extension cords are designed to provide long life on the most demanding jobsites.  With a thick "cabtire" outer jacket and oil resistant inner insulation, the cord is designed to stay flexible even at extreme cold temperatures and to resist heated objects and oils.  The product features a rugged nylon plug and connector. 

Part No. Cable Length Cable Type Cable Rating
LE16-25 25' 16/3 SOOW 13A
LE16-50 50' 16/3 SOOW 13A
LE16-100 100' 16/3 SOOW 10A
LE14-25 25' 14/3 SOOW 15A
LE14-50 50' 14/3 SOOW 15A>
LE14-100 100' 14/3 SOOW 15A
LE12-25 25' 12/3 SOOW 15A
LE12-50 50' 12/3 SOOW 15A
LE12-100 100' 12/3 SOOW 15A