Ordering information and accessories

Be sure to order your Expedition Tactical LED Military Shelter Lighting System in a way that it is configured to your needs.  Part number nomenclature for the individual light fixtures is below and the accessories, including control boxes and carrying cases are listed below. 

The Expedition stringlights are incredibly versatile and many different configurations could be made.  Here are some examples to assist you in creating the right part number:

LE7055-W    A basic light.  No central control, only illuminates in white light.

LE7055-W-G-F   White light with NVIS Green A covert mode, EMI filtered.  No emergency mode, no central control functionality. 

LE7055-W-R-EM-F   White light with NVIS Red covert mode, emergency mode and EMI filtered.  No central control functionality.

Notes regarding central control:  

  • All string lights in a single shelter must have the same choice as to central control or not. i.e. they must all have "-CB" or all NOT have "-CB"
  • If "-CB" is selected, one Central Control box (LE7055-CC) must be purchased per shelter
  • If "-CB" is selected, an unlimited number of Auxiliary Control boxes (LE7055-AC) can be purchased
  • LE7055-CC and LE7055-AC will not work with lights that do not have the "-CB" function

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.