25000L unit automatically senses input voltage, which allows use at 120V or 240V.  Other models operate on either 120V or 240V (see descriptions).  All units have a lighted power-on indicator.  Accepts up to 12/3 SJ-type cords, or 14/3 S-type cords.

Reset: Manual
Volts/Amps: 120V/20A or 240V/20A (25000L allows use at either)
Trip Level: 4 - 6 mA

25000  Dual-voltage 120V/20A and 240V/20A 

25230  120V/20A

30040  120V/20A

30050  240V/20A, NOTE: This item accepts up to 10/3 SJ-type cords, or 12/3 S-type cords.