The 71000 Series cable reel is built to last a lifetime.  Its heavy duty steel frame, rolled side discs, and powder painted exterior offer exceptional strength and durability.

It features four 120V 15/20A T-slot receptacles and 120V 15A plug.  Receptacles are recessed for protection against impact and inadvertent contact, while the enclosed terminals at the centre of the reel hub prevent users from contacting live connections.  A circuit breaker protects against overloads and an LED illuminates to indicate that the reel is connected to power.

This reel can be configured with a variety plugs, cord lengths, and cord types to meet your unique requirements.

Part No. Cable Length Cable Type Outlet Rating Weight
71000 10" pigtail, ready to connect to your existing cord n/a n/a 11.0 lbs
7105012 50' 12/3 SOOW cord with plug 15A 15.8 lbs
7110012 100' 12/3 SOOW cord with plug 15A 20.6 lbs