Inline GFCI cord set for providing rugged, portable GFCI protection to cord sets and equipment.  Great for industrial plant maintenance, equipment service and construction site applications.  Indicator light on unit displays when there is power on. 

All items are:
Reset: Manual
Volts/Amps: 120V/15A
Trip Level: 4 - 6mA
Cord Type: SJTW yellow cord

Part No. Cable Length & Type
26020L-4001 14" of 14/3 cable
26020L-4006 6' of 14/3 cord
26020L-4025 25' of 14/3 cable
26020L-4050 50' of 14/3 cable
26020L-4002L 2' of 14/3 cable with twist-lock connectors
26020L-2001 14" of 12/3 cable
26020L-2006 6' of 12/3 cable
26020L-2025 25' of 12/3 cable
26020L-2050 50' of 12/3 cable