The inline GFCI version of our 14880 quad boxes, these units offer convenient safe power distribution for heavy power users.  GFCI has lighted power-on indicator.  Units come in both 15A and 20A versions and have 12/3 SJTW cord.

  • Reset: Manual
  • Volts/Amps: 120V/15A (26020L models), 120V/20A (25080L models)
  • Trip Level: 4 - 6mA

PART NO.                                       CORD

26020L-2406                       6' of 12/3 cord

26020L-2425                        25' of 12/3 cord

25080L-2406                        6' of 12/3 cord

25080L-2425                        25' of 12/3 cord