Expedition Tactical LED Shelter Lighting System

The World's Most Advanced Military Shelter Lighting System

Twice as bright
Unprecedented control
Emergency mode
Covert / black-out mode
Works anywhere, anytime

ETLS Snapshot.png

Twice as bright as standard soft-walled shelter lights

  • Fewer lights per shelter means reduced acquisition costs, reduced logistical costs, and shorter set-up / take down time
  • Lind's military string lights have advanced optical diffusion built right into the extra durable polycarbonate lens to provide uniform, glare-free light

Unprecedented central control

  • Conveniently control all of the light functions from modular control boxes (on, off, and covert mode shown here.  0-100% dimming also available)
  • Place an unlimited number of fully modular control boxes at any points in the shelter (e.g. entrances), and control all of the lights from any of those control boxes
  • Each fixture also retains local control, or can be configured to work without the central control boxes

Advanced emergency mode for power-loss situations

  • Optional emergency mode functionality keeps the lights on white at lower levels for over 3 minutes upon power loss
  • Expedition system intelligently differentiates between lights being turned off (emergency mode will NOT engage) and loss of power (emergency mode WILL engage)
  • Expedition Tactical LED Lighting System performs these functions without the use of batteries and requires no maintenance

Instant Covert / Black-out Mode

  • With a push of a button on any of the modular central control boxes, all of the military stringlights in the shelter will switch to covert / black-out mode
  • No need to put a physical colour filter on the lights or turn each one individually into covert mode, saving time and eliminating errors in critical situations

Works anywhere, any time, every time

  • Connects to 120V or 240V power for interoperability with allies
  • IP67 rated
  • Operates in -40°C/-40°F to +49°C/120°F
  • String up to 16 military stringlights together
  • LEDs rated for over 50,000 hours
  • EMI compliant to MIL-STD-461 (RE102, CE102, RS103 for Ground Equipment)
  • Field serviceable (contact us for parts)